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Valerie A Evensen NCTM

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United States


Youth, Beginner, Intermediate

Classical, Jazz


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I've been playing the piano since I was in first grade.  My mother taught me a little bit before that and I think she was glad to send me on to another teacher as I felt that if I played the piece once, I was done!   Taking lessons during my childhood and teenage years was just natural.  I always felt like I was remembering something I already knew and most of it came easily to me.  One thing I have struggled over the years is performing.  I can perform - like recitals, classical music and all that - but it's not one of my great joys.  I enjoy creating the music.  Whether I'm playing the music of a master, collaborating with others or reading a lead sheet, it brings me joy. 

Location: United States

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Piano with Valerie
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