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Guitar Lessons in Kiev - Guitar Inspiration - for all ages and skill levels
Learn Guitar with pleasure!
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Students of Guitar Lessons in Kiev - Guitar Inspiration - are:
- Learning guitar with fun!
Learning has to be exciting and fun, this is just the most effective way to learn.
- Playing songs they like and choose themselves!
Playing songs which students like is Inspirational, and Inspiration makes learning guitar the most efficient.
- Enjoying individually tailored guitar arrangements of their favourite songs! Students of different ages and levels of playing require a highly personalized approach in teaching. Individually tailored arrangements enable students to get musically educated and master new skills with pleasure and no frustration.
- Talented and creative!
Friendly and nonofficial atmosphere of Kiev Guitar Lessons encourages students to discover their natural talents and develop their creative and learning abilities.

Students of Guitar Lessons in Kiev - Guitar Inspiration - are encouraged to master a great variety of skills, including improvisation and playing by ear, reading guitar tabs and music notation, playing and composing songs in different styles, and much more. And we always remember: Inspiration, positive attitude, and motivation are the most effective engines of learning!


Location: Kiev, Kiev 01001, Ukraine

Guitar Inspiration
Guitar Lessons in Kiev and on Skype for all ages with English speaking teacher, professional guitarist, PhD in Music Pedagogy. Individual approach, flexible curriculum, student-centered teaching. Learn Guitar with pleasure!

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