Graehme Floyd

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Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

Blues, Metal, Rock & Roll, Theory

In Person, Group Classes

Are you making little to no progress with your current guitar teacher?
Are you an absolute beginner and feel overwhelmed or confused with all the instructional books, online lessons, and advice from... other beginners?
Are you a parent that wants your child to take QUALITY guitar lessons?


Then it's time to start taking lessons that deliver results.


Mastery is not something that comes overnight. Do not be fooled into thinking that you must have a 'gift' or 'natural ability' when learning to be excellent. Being good at anything takes work and someone to guide you! If you are serious and committed to becoming a great musician, than I am the teacher for you.

Want proof? Here's what my students are saying...

If I didn’t have these lessons I wouldn’t be able to play at the same level of ability that I can now. I would recommend lessons to anyone wanting to learn.- Olivia

I love doing lessons with Graehme. I’ve had a number of guitar teachers in the past, but where Graehme excels is he takes really difficult concepts and breaks them down so that they are much more readily available to me.” - Karl


My experience and understanding comes from a professional music background and I know what you are going through! We can level the playing field, literally. Whether it be playing on your worship team, performing in a band, learning songs or just playing for fun, I have the experience, facilities and the know how to help you.

Visit my website to find out more and to signup for a free, no obligation introductory lesson.

Don’t wait any longer to start working towards your musical dreams. 

Graehme Floyd
Professional Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons in London, Ontario.

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