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Well, 2013 has started off with a bang! I am releasing my next album, Deep Deep Blue on May 7th. It feels good to finally release DDB - I think I twiddled with it for too long. That's what happens when you do most of the work yourself... Thanks to John Kessler (bass, producer) for pushing me to get 'er done! I think there is alot of good stuff on there- more songs in the Spaghetti Western style - "Bandit Queen" and "God Forbid," a nice slow blues tune that has an edge - "Deep Deep Blue," some funky blues "Feeling Good Now," some Americana vibe "Wishing Well" and "Shanks Akimbo," a couple of tongue-in-cheek pieces "The Waiting" and "Satify You," and a few covers of GREAT songs - Bob Dylan's "Meet Me In The Morning," Freddie King's "Palace of The King" and Lou Reed's "Sally Can't Dance." Thanks to Lukas Nelson for playing "Meet Me In The Morning" at a show in Seattle- I never thought of that songs in more of a blues/rock context. I took his version and then poured some gas on it. It's hard to deny the fun of Freddie King's boasting in "Palace of The King." And who would have thought of doing a Lou Reed song on a blues album? Hahaha... It is so fun to play that one.

I hope everyone reading this will get the whole album - there are so many sides to it. Sometimes I think my albums might be too eclectic, but isn't Led Zeppelin IV? My favorite albums take listeners on a journey. It's hard to listen to 12+ songs that all sound the same. Gets tiring to the ear. Maybe this is where my ADD is a plus?

I have had lots of time to wrote more new soings as well, and I have 9 or so ready for the next CD. I am pleased to say that the next album will be produced by blues heavyweight Tom Hambridge. He has done the last few Buddy Guy records, George Thorogood, Susan Tedeschi, and wrote a few tunes on ZZ Top's new album El Futuro. He has won multiple Grammys... Thsi should be fun to say the least! Stay tuned for more info about this one...

All is good here in North Carolina - I am playing more and more shows, and the Harley enthusiasts are sniffing around... The weather is nice, and WOW, what a great place to really DRIVE your car - windy roads, and ebveryone drives really FAST!!


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