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Ask yourself. Is your music instructor fully qualified and road worn? Can they teach from experience? From the heart?

I’ve been performing and playing guitar for over 40 years. Like many musicians my age I remember watching the Beatles on a small black & white TV in my parents bedroom and the impact it had on my desire to play any instrument. In 4th grade my parents enrolled me in the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music playing the trombone.  I learned the importance of music theory and musicianship in a formal brass band setting.  A friend let me borrow his Sears "Stella" guitar and I was instantly hooked.  I was living and breathing music at a very young age and loving it.

Initially self-taught by listening and playing along with popular groups of the time (Led Zeppelin, Cream, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, BB King, Clapton, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Doobie Brothers), my formal guitar education began at Nova Music Studios in Pasadena, California. There I studied under Don Better,  Dave Koonse (L.A. Studio Musicians), and Gunnar Eisel (Professor at Cal State), often using the Berkley School of Music - Guitar Method. I have since used that course with my own students, and include music theory, ear training, and music appreciation as part of my own curriculum.

My formal music education background includes degree in Music (Classical Guitar, Jazz, and Voice) & Music Education from California State University – Los Angeles where I was President of the CSULA Music Council and graduated with two years on the Dean’s List. The curriculum included advanced music theory, choral and orchestral conducting, honors choir, jazz and ensemble arranging, music composition, jazz improvisation, instrument repair, as well as a series of instrument classes in the four orchestral groups (Brass, Winds, Strings, Percussion). I loved these classes and to this day can make decent music on almost any instrument.

While attending college in Pasadena and Los Angeles, I had access to what I think were some of the top Hollywood studio working musicians/educators in the music industry. My classes included music theory from Greg Killian, improvisation classes from jazz greats Gary Foster, Claire Fisher, and Bobby Bradford. I played in several pick-up groups in and out of school and was the “house” accompanist for several rock/pop and jazz performance classes in college. In evaluating my senior recital on classical guitar, my professors gave me high marks on musical interpretation and execution.

I’ve attended master performance clinics with The Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Abercrombe, Branford Marsalis, and Michael Brecker. I’ve performed as a solo tenor for an honors choir performance for the Catholic Cardinal of Los Angeles, was hand selected by Roger Wagner to perform in a Master Choral performance in Los Angeles, and had the honor of being the music arranger and guitarist for the stage band - "The Starlighters" - at a large music event produced by Lou Wasserman and attended by Henry Mancini at the Celebrity Theater in Hollywood.

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Voice. Musical instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students ages 7 and older.  Since 2002, our teaching method has utilized a combination of tactics that includes practical techniques, ear training, popular songs and music theory to achieve the student's performance goals. Our main motivation is to give our students a life-long love of  playing  music!

Since 2002, we've taught over 300 students - young and old - in private and group lessons, summer camps, school programs, seminars, and home sessions. CONTACT US to schedule a first lesson now!

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