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Hi! My name is Ashley and I'm a student at William Paterson University who is majoring in both music and English writing. If you'd like to try out a teacher who truly loves what they do, I may be right selection. My primary instrument is piano, though I play several others such as flute, clarinet, guitar and violin. I am most proficient on piano, flute and clarinet so I feel more comfortable teaching these instruments in order to give students the best possible musical foundation. Music has been in my life since I was a young child, as my grandfather who was proficient on both organ and clarinet, taught me how to read music and play keyboard. Music is something that can never escape my life! It is what I live and breath for. I practice my instruments on a daily basis and avidly compose my own music as well. Besides being involved with piano at school, I am also a member of the William Paterson Symphony Orchestra where I play second violin, as well as a member of the school's flute ensemble. My goal is to have a career in which I can instill within my students the same love, endearment and appreciation for music that has grown with me over the years. 

I am someone who truly has a passionate love for music, as it is what my whole life is about and brings me immense happiness on a daily basis. I am not just a robotic teacher who is providing lessons as a financial opportunity, but someone who honestly cares about the growth of a student's musical ability and love for music itself. 

A huge part of music is not just learning how to play the notes correctly, but to come to understand the beauty and amazement that can be experienced from the act of playing an instrument. To be the most successful in any music related business, I feel that it is essential to LOVE what you do and to PRACTICE as much as you possibly can. Love and practice can take someone very far if they are truly dedicated to their art. Although of course I am interested in the financial gain of teaching music lessons, I feel it to be an extremely gratifying experience to be able to watch a student excel at their instrument because of my teachings. Witnessing a student enjoy what they're doing while improving their skills in the process is an amazing feeling for both student and teacher. I want to show people what it is I love about music so much, and hopefully instill within them the same love and passion.

I would like possible future students to know that I am not like any other instructor, as generic as this may sound. I have a true, fervent passion for music which I yearn to share with others. Whether music is a way of life or just a hobby for someone, it can be something that sticks with them for the remainder of their lives and brings great happiness and enjoyment.


The piano is my love, and being able to bestow upon a student the ability to achieve proficiency on this wonderful instrument is not only personally gratifying, but for the student as well. 
I emphasize teaching proper technique, the ability to express oneself through music and having the utmost fun, enjoyable experience while playing it.

Playing the flute is a truly amazing experience, as it is a beautiful instrument which can become a lifelong companion if one is receptive to its wonders. I love it dearly and wouldn't give up playing the flute for anything in the world! Playing the flute is a personal expression of one's soul, as each person produces a different tone. 


There is nothing like the crisp, clear, beautiful tone of the clarinet. I have a great appreciation and love for the beauty of this instrument. 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself had a great love for it too, as he was once quoted in a letter to say: "“Never,” wrote Mozart to Stadler, “would I have thought that a clarinet could be capable of imitating the human voice as deceptively as it is imitated by you. Truly your instrument has so soft and lovely a tone that nobody with a heart could resist it.”
Why not learn the clarinet? It is truly a gift to this Earth! 

I emphasize teaching proper technique, the ability to express oneself through music and having the utmost fun, enjoyable experience while playing it.
Supplementary books can be purchased by for me for a discounted price, and I will also provide helpful worksheets and homework material designed by myself.

Location: 332 Canistear Road, Stockholm, New Jersey 07460, United States

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Ashley Baram's Music Lessons
If you re looking for a teacher who truly loves what they do, I may be an appropriate fit. "Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend." - Beethoven

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332 Canistear Road
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