Andrew Pal Guitar

Andrew Pal Guitar

Springfield, Virginia, United States

Guitar, Bass Guitar

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

Blues, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, Chamber Music, Grunge, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Metal, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Tango

In Person, Remote, Accredited School, Group Classes

Andrew Pal is a well-known performer (guitarist/vocalist) throughout East/West Europe, Japan, Russia, and for the past ten years in the US. He’s been traveling and going on tours with European professional bands such as “O-Zone”, “Utopia”, “Legenda”, “Dan Balan” since 1996.

In USA Andrew has been playing shows and recording music with VA based performers ‘Cisco Robinson (micworm)’, ‘Celeste Starchild’, ‘Brian Fox’, etc… for the past nine years.

His teaching career started way back in Europe. He’s been teaching privately (about 100 students per year), working with Moldovian Philharmonic Society, and playing music shows 1996-2005. It started with tours in Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Romania (Utopia Rock Band Tours), and spread to the Western European countries, and two tours to Japan with the universally famous band “O-Zone” playing a show called “Dragostea Din Tei”. Eventually, after guitarist Andrew Pal, and vocalist Dan Balan moved to USA, a dozen of worldwide famous performers (including Rihanna) made cover-versions of “Dragostea Din Tei” song! Utopia’s “11 Minutes” song was on top of European and Russian charts for a really long time too. Now it’s a part of Moldovian rock encyclopedia!

Andrew Pal was graduated from Moldovian Conservatory in 1996 with Master’s Degree in Music. Having classical guitar background and being known as classical music performer he started working on his contemporary and rock guitar skills taking private lessons from a famous Moldovian/French guitarist Ruslan Tsar. Thus now, his music style versatility spreads from Classical Guitar to Jazz-Rock, and from Fusion to Heavy Metal!

For the past 6 years Andrew’s been working with ‘National Chamber Ensamble’ (Washington DC) often playing with the Ensamble’s conductor and lead violinist Leo Sushanskiy. Their last performances include Artisphere in Artlington VA, and Kennedy Center in Washington DC. In the nearest future Andrew and Leo will start working on the new guitar-violin ‘Christmas 2014’ program…


2005 to present time Andrew’s been working with Music And Arts Centers music schools in Mclean and Falls Church VA. Having in average 70-90 guitar and bass guitar students yearly, he became famous for giving his students an opportunity of learning Classical Guitar sound-production as well as contemporary music insights. Andrew Pal’s teaching method helps students master complex accompaniments and singing, playing solos and composing music, and most importantly-picking music pieces of the recordings using their ‘musical ear’. 

Students of all ages now can try this unique approach to studying guitar, having a chance to compare European and American music, as well as Classical vs Folk music, and Jazz vs Rock music styles. Welcome to a brave new world where you can read music notation, guitar tablatures, and chord diagrams. Let your dreams come true! 11 minutes)  (Utopia Live) Center, Tanguismo) (O-Zone, Dragostea Din Tei)

Location: 6718 Anders Terrace, Springfield, Virginia 22151, United States

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