Tension and Release

Learn how to create a sense of tension and resolution in your improvising.

By Corey Christiansen

Online Lesson For Tension, Jazz, Guitar, Chromatic, Arpeggio

This lesson is part of the online course:

Single Note Lines and the Jazz Language

Exploring the Vocabulary of Jazz

As a modern guitarist, it is important to be be able to improvise and solo. This course will expand your single-note jazz soloing skills. You will understand the basics of navigating typical jazz chord progressions.

An Online Course For Vamp, Tritone Substitution, Tension, Substitutions, Pentatonic Scale, Pattern, Melodic Minor, Jazz Vocabulary, Jazz Lines, Jazz Guitar , Jazz, Harmonic Minor, Guitar, Grant Green, Chromatic, Arpeggio, ii V I Progression
Tension and Release Corey Christiansen Single Note Lines and the Jazz Language