Courtney Morgan

Smithville, MO, United States

Violin, Cello, Fiddle

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Classical, Bluegrass, Gospel, Chamber Music, Celtic, Fiddle Music, Folk, Theory, Sonata, Symphony, Hymn

In Person, Remote, Online Content, Group Classes


My name is Courtney. I teach violin, viola, and cello. My first instrument is violin, which I have played since 1992. I specialize in sacred music, both traditional and contemporary - the sort you might hear at church, weddings, and funerals. However, because sacred music spans so many eras, and because my training, while classical, included music from multiple genres and cultures, there are other styles that intersect with what I do and that I am therefore able to teach. 

I accept violin students ages three and up. Cello students need to be able to handle and setup their own cello, which often means being at least five. Viola students need to be large enough for a 14" viola, so age varies, but if a child wants to play viola and is not large enough to do so, we can start with violin or cello and make the transition later. 

Location: 203 W Main St, Smithville, MO 64089, United States

Nurturing a love of music while guiding students of all ages on their journey of learning to play an instrument.

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203 W Main St
Smithville, MO 64089
United States

(816) 945-2114

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