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Ridgestone John

Rochester, UK, United Kingdom

We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents

Banjo, Ukulele, guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar: 12 String, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Slide, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Harmonica, Appalachian Dulcimer, Tin Whistle, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin (Octave Mandola)

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate

Bluegrass, Classical, Folk, Reggae, Theory, Rock & Roll, Blues, Country

Private, Group Classes

Teaching the Guitar. Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica  Ukulele Tin Whistle (Flageolet)  & Mountain Dulcimer

From 10 years to Senior Citizen beginners to intermediate
D.B.S Certificate
Public Liability Insurance
Musicians Union Registered



18 Years on the Road traveling Guitar Tutor throughout the County of Kent.

I speak openly about my experience

Many years ago I signed up to an “Employment Action” scheme. At the initial interview I was asked what skills I had. Originally I  trained as a graphic artist/designer in the 1960s but never manged to achieve employment in that chosen field. It was still my intent to make a go of Art & Music professionally. Up until that time I had worked as a Gardener & Handyman, a Tyre Fitter, a Milkman, a Postman and a Plant Hire General Hire Operative. It was mentioned to the Employment Action Interviewer that I had Art Experience. This led to being assigned to work at a local Community Arts Center as a Publicity Designer and Arts Worker for one and a half years. In this environment I thrived and was able incidently to access a Local Folk Music Club which led me  to perform there every 2nd Sunday evening in the Month for 2 years as a floor spot musician. Although I would have very much liked to have been a professional Musician, it didn't’t quite work out that way either  and the next best alternative, that of Guitar Teaching was tried. With a bit of primitive advertising mainly by word of mouth and free notice boards, as I couldn't’t afford paid advertising at the time, I eventually got my first lesson inquiry.

The inquiring Student said he wanted to play like Eric Clapton and required me to help him in this regard. A lack of confidence came over me but, I had to start somewhere. The only instrument I had then was a Fender Acoustic Guitar, so I agreed to conduct the lesson. Struggling on the Bus with the Instrument and eventually finding my way to a tucked away Mews off the main street, I was ushered in. The guy had an electric Guitar, can’t remember if it was a Strat, and he showed me what he could do on it.

With lightening speed he ran up and down the Pentatonic Minor Scale. Far better than I could ever attempt at the time. At that moment a sense of dread came over me as there was no way I could match his skill. What do I do now? I kept silent, not wishing to lose credibility, continuing to listen and watch him play. When finished he said “That’s all I can do Mate, I can’t do nothing else”.

A sense of relief, now I could reasonably and confidently teach him chords and a few riffs which he couldn't’t do. So the lesson continued, although I don’t think I did very well. Pleasantly surprised, he paid me but didn't’t ask me back again. At least it was a start. Over the years I have learned & I believe improved from this experience. Other positives and negatives encountered along the way have added to the rich tapestry of experience

Currently as a one to one Tutor I have added other instruments to my Guitar Teaching Repertoire, Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica, Ukulele & Stick/Appalachian Dulcimer ensuring a continuity of lessons and always have available space for New Students. Welcome aboard, I look forward to teaching you









Location: Ridgestone Guitar & Harmonica Tuition, Rochester, UK ME1 3PA, United Kingdom

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We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents

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Ridgestone Guitar & Harmonica Tuition
Rochester, UK ME1 3PA
United Kingdom

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