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Rochester, UK, United Kingdom

We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents

Banjo, Ukulele, guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar: 12 String, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Slide, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Harmonica, Appalachian Dulcimer, Tin Whistle, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin (Octave Mandola)

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate

Bluegrass, Classical, Folk, Reggae, Theory, Rock & Roll, Blues, Country

Private, Group Classes

Teaching the Guitar. Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica  Ukulele Tin Whistle (Flageolet)  & Mountain Dulcimer

From 10 years to Senior Citizen beginners to intermediate
D.B.S Certificate
Public Liability Insurance
Musicians Union Registered


Tutoring Experience:

18 Years on the Road traveling throughout the County of Kent. As A guitar teacher I remember the first time of actually doing a proper structured, professional lesson with a paying student & I speak openly about my very first Guitar Teaching Experience

It was during a period of unemployment in the early 1990s, having been out of work for about a year due to ill health, and at a disadvantage of getting back into work, that I voluntarily signed up for the Government's then known “Employment Action” scheme. This was to help the long term unemployed get back into work. At the initial interview I was asked what skills I had. Prior to my Unemployment I was a Milkman. Years ago prior to that however I was an Art Student & “Bedroom Guitarist”

Wishing to make a go of Art & Music professionally it was mentioned to the Interviewer that I had Art Experience. This led to being assigned to work at a local Community Arts Center as a Publicity Designer and Arts Worker. In this environment I was able to access a local Folk Music Club and was able to perform there every 2nd Sunday evening in the Month for 2 years as a floor spot musician. Although I would have very much liked to have been a professional Musician, it didn’t quite work out that way and the next best alternative, that of Guitar Teaching was tried. With a bit of primitive advertising mainly by word of mouth and free notice boards, as I couldn’t afford paid advertising, I eventually got my first lesson inquiry.

The inquiring Student said he wanted to play like Eric Clapton and required me to help him in this regard. A lack of confidence came over me but, I had to start somewhere. The only instrument I had then was a Fender Acoustic Guitar, so I agreed to conduct the lesson. Struggling on the Bus with the Instrument and eventually finding my way to a tucked away Mews off the main street, I was ushered in. The guy had an electric Guitar, can’t remember if it was a Strat, and he showed me what he could do on it.

With lightening speed he ran up and down the Pentatonic Minor Scale. Far better than I could ever attempt at the time. At that moment a sense of dread came over me as there was no way I could match his skill. What do I do now? I kept silent, not wishing to lose credibility, continuing to listen and watch him play. When finished he said “That’s all I can do Mate, I can’t do nothing else”.

A sense of relief, now I could reasonably and confidently teach him chords and a few riffs which he couldn’t do. So the lesson continued, although I don’t think I did very well. Pleasantly surprised, he paid me but didn’t ask me back again. At least it was a start. Over the years I have learned & I believe improved from this experience. Other positives and negatives encountered along the way have added to the rich tapestry of experience

Currently as a one to one Tutor I have added other instruments to my Guitar Teaching Repertoire, Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica, Ukulele & Stick/Appalachian Dulcimer ensuring a continuity of lessons and always have available space for New Students. Welcome aboard, I look forward to teaching you









Location: Ridgestone Guitar & Harmonica Tuition, Rochester, UK ME1 3PA, United Kingdom

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We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents

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Ridgestone Guitar & Harmonica Tuition
Rochester, UK ME1 3PA
United Kingdom

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