Harmony 1- Intervals Triads and Inversions

Triads are the basic building block of harmony and must be mastered to truly be able to play with good voice leading. This lesson will help you expand your chordal knowledge from the ground up by playing by learning how to construct triads all over the fretboard.

By Corey Christiansen

Online Lesson For Triads, Jazz, Inversions, Guitar, Chords

This lesson is part of the online course:

Modern Jazz Harmony

From Intervals To Inversions And Extended Harmonies.

All accomplished modern guitarists understand the basics of harmony. This course will begin with the basics of harmony on the guitar and expand your harmonic vocabulary. By beginning with simple intervals and triads you will learn more advanced structures and how to apply them in real-world situations.

An Online Course For Upper Structures, Triads, Seventh (7th) Chord, Jazz Guitar , Jazz, Inversions, Harmony, Guitar, Diatonic Harmony, Diatonic, Chords
Harmony 1- Intervals Triads and Inversions Corey Christiansen Modern Jazz Harmony