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Hearing the Unheard

Posted 2013-05-08T06:38:45.0Z by Dr.WuHoo1,250
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I think we should begin to consider composing music outside the frequency of our hearing range. We could design special headphones for listening to the CD or concert.

Kinda like 3D glasses for music.



  • What do you imagine it would sound like? Wouldn't the special headphones have to transpose the frequencies to ones we can hear, thus negating the entire experiment? Instead, maybe the focus should be composing for animals who can hear frequencies that we can't, and then seeing how they react. Maybe they love it! We should transpose Dark Side of the Moon for dolphins.JP 2013-05-11T18:30:44.0Z


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Reply — Posted 2013-05-08T15:47:37.0Z
Jeff E13,406
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would the head phones put the sounds in hearing frequency? I could imagine that some ultrasonic tones might have effects on our brains kind of like binaural beats are reported to..



Reply — Posted 2013-05-11T20:35:32.0Z
Ghost R1,526
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