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What are your favorite music/musician biographies?

Posted 2013-05-06T19:16:59.0Z by Ghost R1,526
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I've been reading alot of music biographies lately. Some have been great, others not as great...

What are some you the best out there?



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Reply — Posted 2013-05-06T19:47:30.0Z
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My favorites are:

Jaco: Jaco Pastorias -


Hammer of the Gods: Led Zeppelin -

And if you haven't read the Eric Clapton "tell-all" autobiography, you probably should do that!


Reply — Posted 2013-05-07T00:47:19.0Z (edited 2013-05-07T00:51:03.0Z)
Jeff E13,406
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This was the first Jazz biography I ever read, probably also one of the best. Great read.


Reply — Posted 2013-05-07T00:58:10.0Z
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This is the all time best jazz autobiographies of all time. It's not strictly true, but I think the stretching of the truth creates a feeling or mood that is a truth or something....Mingus was being a Jazz musician even when writing. Or something. Ask an English major.....



Reply — Posted 2013-05-08T06:16:58.0Z (edited 2013-05-08T06:28:01.0Z)
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Q - Autobiography Quincy Jone

Inside Out - Nick Mason Personal take on Pink Floyd

Blue Chicago The Search for Authenticity in Urban Blues - David Grazian

Stevie Ray Vauhgn Soul to Soul -Kerri Leigh

Jimi Hendrix - by his younger brother Leon Hendrix

Ravi Shankar - My Music My Life  get the 2008 version with Phillip Glass addition.


Huh thats all I remeber reading for now..... oh read this interview recently



  • I've been meaning to get that Ravi Shankar Bio...It's good?Jeff E 2013-05-08T17:03:19.0Z
  • Very good description of the music as a integral part of Indian culture, more of a religion than a form of entertainment. I think that is something that is lost on most Westerners.Dr.WuHoo 2013-05-08T20:01:56.0Z
Reply — Posted 2013-05-08T19:39:38.0Z
Mac M11,188
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MIles biography is wonderful

Just finished the Greg Allman, very good

Keith Richards was great

Scar Tissue, Anthony Keides, was very good as well

Love the Stevie Ray Vaughn book

Garcia's book is also great


There are so many and love getting the inside scoop on these people....great post!


Reply — Posted 2015-07-21T02:00:12.0Z
Todd P581
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I really like Quincy Jones's Biography.  He was at the center of so many cool innovations of music from the 1940's till now.  So many great stories.


My second favorite is Sting's autobiography "broken music".  I am a big fan of his music so the stories behind his songs were really great.



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