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How do I increase speed and dexterity on the Guitar?

Asked 2013-04-11T02:41:49.0Z (edited 2013-04-11T16:51:37.0Z) by Ghost R1,526
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I've been playing for a while now, but I have trouble using my pinky finger on my left hand for anything other than chords. Does anyone have any good exercises to get my pinky (and other fingers) up to speed? Haha..


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Reply — Posted 2013-04-11T04:12:06.0Z (edited 2013-04-11T04:12:24.0Z)
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Specifically to increase your pinky dexterity and strength, try this:

1. Using just your pinky and ring finger, starting at the 1st and 2nd fret, alternate notes from the low string to the high string and back again. (e.g. F-F#, Bb-B, Eb-E, Ab-A, C-C#, F-F# then back down)

2. Move up 1 fret and do it again.

3. Repeat all the way up the neck and back down again.

Do this every day as a warm up and increase your speed as you go. Use a metronome.



Reply — Posted 2013-04-11T22:12:12.0Z (edited 2013-04-11T22:19:57.0Z)
Jeff E13,406
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Here's a great exercise for developing finger strength and dexterity called the spider. I learned it from the great Bass player Steve Bailey. (or something like this) When I started looking for you tube examples it seems like there are a ton of exercises called "the spider" some are similar to this, some aren't. I posted just a few permutations, but you'll see as you figure them out how you can do the exercise with each finger both asending and descending.






This is where it gets tough. I put it pretty high on the neck so the stretches aren't toooo extreme, When Steve Bailey did this it was in first position on a 6 string bass!! Be well warmed up before even thinking about it...


Here's a guy who does it almost the same...


  • That last one is tough!Ghost R 2013-04-11T22:21:54.0Z
  • Don't forget to go slow and use a metronome!Jeff E 2013-04-11T22:23:09.0Z

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