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What is the best music notation software?

Posted 2013-10-21T15:06:36.0Z by JP13,143
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I am curious what software people are using to create music notation. I have a Mac PowerBook.


  • The two most common are Finale and Sibelius. Depending on who you talk to you can easily get into a debate about which is better. I prefer Sibelius. Last time I attempted to use Finale, Sibelius was the simpler, more user-friendly of the two. You really had to sit down and take a lot of time with Finale for things that were just intuitive with Sibelius. On the flip-side, Finale has a smaller free version, Finale Notepad.Jeff B 2013-10-22T17:48:28.0Z


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Reply — Posted 2013-10-22T19:21:20.0Z
Fletcher J1,390
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The the industry standards are either Sibelius or Finale for serious transcriptionists. Finale goes for $450 and Sibelius is $480 I downloaded the Finale Notepad once, to make a couple of quick charts, and couldn't figure out how to use it (only gave it maybe 10 minutes) and did it by hand. I've been using guitar pro and like it pretty well. It has many of the same basic features as the others, but only 50 bucks or so.  I guess it really depends on what you are going to do with the software. 



Reply — Posted 2013-10-22T19:39:33.0Z
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I just checked out NoteFlight and it seems pretty sweet. Has anyone used it?


  • FYI, NoteFlight is an online notation editor that you can use right from your browser. It's free for non-commercial use, and there's a pro version called Crescendo, for $49/year or $7.95/month.JP 2013-11-01T06:59:26.0Z
Reply — Posted 2014-03-17T16:17:29.0Z (edited 2014-03-17T16:18:19.0Z)
Bengt L11

Hi, I would really recommend ScoreCloud Studio.

Works incredibly good with a midi keyboard and is really easy to use!




  • i'm checking that out now...Jeff E 2014-03-20T00:02:19.0Z

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