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I need more cowboy songs!

Posted 2013-09-09T06:17:26.0Z by JP13,143
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I've really been getting into singing and playing cowboy songs on my acoustic guitar. My favorite might be Mama Tried by Merle Haggard. I would like to learn a bunch more in that style... simple songs that are fun and easy to sing around a campfire. Feel free to suggest other songs that might fit. Here's some other ones that fit the style:

Panama Red
Ginseng Sullivan (not a cowboy song, but fun anyway)
Pancho and Lefty


  • What do you mean by cowboy songs?DeadGuy 2013-09-10T17:52:47.0Z
  • Songs about cowboys! Some whiskey, guns, horses, etc.JP 2013-09-10T20:14:12.0Z

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Reply — Posted 2013-09-10T18:01:18.0Z (edited 2013-09-10T18:12:58.0Z)
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These are what I think of when you say Cowboy Tunes...

I'm an old cow hand..

Back in the saddle again


Ghost Riders in the sky

Red River Valley

Don't fence me in

Home on the Range

Tumbling Tumble Weeds

If you are looking for good campfire tunes though, just about everything by Bob Dylan and Neil Young is perfect.


  • Thanks! I understand that Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs are in the same general category of cowboy songs, i.e., "folk." I'm just looking for cowboy songs specifically... I like the imagery and the stories. Bad ass cowboy songs are better... Home on the Range is a little hokey.JP 2013-09-10T20:17:54.0Z
  • If you want "real" cowboy tunes, check out guys like Gene Autry and Tex Ritter. Willie Nelson isn't Cowboy, but there are a ton of great tunes that work with that crowd.Jeff E 2013-09-11T20:37:56.0Z

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