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What pickups will give me the Stevie Ray Vaughn tone?

Asked 2013-07-30T21:30:36.0Z (edited 2013-07-31T01:09:11.0Z) by JP13,143
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I have a US Standard Stratocaster with stock pickups. I would like to get a hotter sound, but maintain that classic Strat sound, and I'm thinking about going in the SRV direction. I'm pretty sure that his pickups were hand wound, but I'm assuming that by now someone came up with a SRV style pickup that's pretty close.

I know that his pickups were just one element of his sound, but I'm mainly interested in his pickups for this discussion. For example, I know he used 12 or 13 gauge strings, but he also tuned down to an Eb. And he used Marshalls for at least part of his career, which will make a much hotter sound.


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Reply — Posted 2013-07-31T02:42:18.0Z
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As far as I know, Stevie used stock Fender pickups in his main guitar from '59. They were slightly overwound, so would have been a tad higher output than stock, but not massivly so. Fender's Texas Special pickups were made to recreate those pickups. 

Tuning down a half step to Eb can go a long way to making your tone more SRV, but as they say, in the end it's all in the hands. He still sounded 100% SRV with what ever guitar he played.


Reply — Posted 2013-08-01T18:50:04.0Z
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I just found this site... apparently Lindy Fralin pickups might do the job.


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