Bill Melis drum teacher and guitar riffmaker

United Kingdom

Drums, Guitar

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Funk, Punk, Rock & Roll, Hip-Hop, Blues, Reggae, House

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I teach in a special needs school in the heart of the British countryside. We are in our first year as a new school and getting to know all the skills and needs of the young people there. I am setting up a basic music theory course along with drum and guitar tuition for beginners. I have taught drums privately for 12 years and have been drumming for nearly 30 years. I drum most regularly with Al Start

for her Go Kids! Music projects. I am a behaviour management specialist and qualified sound engineer, currently studying for a post 16 Diploma in Education and Training.

Enjoy the groove


Location: United Kingdom

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Be groovy, be funky, Bm7th

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