Jeremy M Cohen

Jeremy M Cohen

Alpine, WY, United States

Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Acoustic

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate

Blues, Rock & Roll

In Person

I have studied guitar since childhood, when at 8 years old I received my first guitar. I quickly gravitated towards electric guitar, and studied blues, rock, and jazz with many private instructors well into my 20s. In the more recent past I have been a bluegrass flat picker, playing quite a few gigs with my own band The Bluegrass Bandits. While I barely consider myself a jazz player as of yet, I did spend several years of private lessons focusing on jazz, so would do well teaching that genre to beginner/intermediate students. I have been teaching on and off for more than a decade, and am focused on offering reasonably priced lessons by the half-hour or hour, out of my home in the town of Alpine, WY. 


Now taking beginner/intermediate electric or acoustic guitar students in Alpine, WY!

Location: 178 Trail Drive Rd, Alpine, WY 83128, United States


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178 Trail Drive Rd
Alpine, WY 83128
United States


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