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  • Measuring Success


    Growing up I worked in tobacco fields. I remember walking down a row of plants to weed and hoe. As the season progressed the plants needed to be topped and before much longer it was time to cut and...

  • Balancing The Scale Of Teaching & Performing


    This year marks my 10th year teaching professionally and 13yrs of professionally performing. What have I learned? It is a give and take. Some years yield great opportunities for gigging while other...

  • The Priority Shift


    I remember in my teenage years my priority was to be a musician that lived on the west coast after leaving high school. I had no clear path, only a vision to fulfill. As high school ended and colle...

  • No Expectation


    The new year is a time when I usually evaluate the previous year and ask,"Have I Improved in all facets of my life?" Being a musician/educator can lead to a variety of possibilities to improve or f...

  • I Am Your Competition


    In 2010 I was finishing grad school at UARTs. I remember the semester being hectic as I and my fellow classmates were finishing our thesis, recitals, etc and looking ahead to graduation. Halfway th...

  • Worry And The Limiting Mindset


    I’m not good enough. This can be nothing more than a hobby. Will I be able to support my family with this lifestyle? This self limiting self talk can crush your ability to fully develop your skills...

  • Practice Less


    It always seems like it’s the same story. "I don’t have time to practice. I don’t know what to practice. Am I really supposed to practice 3 to 5 hours a day?" The issue that most of us have, includ...

  • Spheres


    During this time of year our thoughts are usually focused on those that are near to us and those that are no longer with us in the physical world. As a musician I use the tools that I am most famil...

  • Essentialism


    Too many things at one time will yield unfocused results. This lack of complete dedication gives way to feelings of inadequacy and even self loathing. Make the one thing the one thing.

  • Repetition


    When I think back to the beginnings of my musical journey the first word that comes to mind in repetition. I came to the conclusion that it did not matter if I had a "talent" for music or not, I wa...

  • Which Type Of Artist Are You?


    Recently I was reading a book by Maria Brophy called Art Money Success. There was one sentence that caught my attention and made me really consider the bigger picture further. "There is the game of...

  • My Practice Routine Doesn't Matter


    As musicians we are all guilty of asking those with more experience and accolades about their practice routines. We dig for nuggets of information, the one piece of info that may excel our current ...

  • Persevere


    It is easy to give excuses, to pass the blame to others. When the Journey does not yield the desired outcome and all seems to be for nothing, that is when we must persevere and continue on with the...

  • Don't Damage Your Reputation


    In any facet of life your ability to be reliable is a must. With that said, being a reliable musician is a huge component in how you are perceived and the reputation that proceeds you. Unfortunatel...

  • There Is No Balance


    Work-life balance does not exist, at least not for me. Music, whether practicing, listening, or composing is always present. There is no off switch. Perhaps if I would consider pursuing music as a ...

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